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Your real estate portfolio deserves more than just a spreadsheet. MogulMind provides insight into your real estate investments to help you increase your ROI and make better investment decisions.

MogulScore 5.0
MogulMind Rent Analysis

Your total return will be $162.7K
That's an ROI of 60%

This property is a good investment.

As easy as pie...

Flip Properties

You can’t manage a flip project’s finances in your head. With MogulMind, the lifecycle of your flip is as easy to read as the nutritional facts on your favorite can of chili.

Flip Facts

Hold Period: 6 months
Purchase & Improvements
Down Payment
Closing Costs
Holding/Loan Costs
Total Invested
Sale Price
Sale Costs
Loan Payoff
Net Sale Price
ROI: 66%
Total Profit: $213,189

Visualizations, personalized advice…

Flip Costs Breakdown

Flip investment visualization


Rating 2.0

MogulMind would budget about $81.3K for improvements, whereas you are budgeting $111.5K.


You're spending a lot to flip this property, 37% more than we'd expect. Review your improvements… are all of them necessary, and priced competitively?

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Rental Properties

Struggling to understand the cash flow for your long-term rental property? With MogulMind, it's as easy to understand as the nutritional facts on your favorite box of cookies.

Cash Flow Facts

Current Yearly Cash Flow: 1 unit rental property
Gross Rent Income
Vacancy Rate @ 0%
Gross Operating Income
Total Expenses
Cash Flow
Gross Operating Income
- Total Expenses
= Net Operating Income
- Mortgage Payments
Current Yearly Cash Flow: $26,584

Cash flow analysis, long term projections…

Rental Income

1% Goal:
Rating 4.5

You are crushing Zillow's Rent Zestimate - Great Job!

Your monthly rental income is $700 below the 1% goal (to earn 1% of the purchase price, per month, via rent income).


Hold through Jan, 2020, appreciating at 3%.

Rental property projections
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Cloud-Based Property Portfolio

No More Messy Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are disjointed, complicated, and require a deep knowledge of formulas to build and maintain. MogulMind was created so you get the most accurate information about your investment properties, with the added benefits of a cloud platform.

  Messy Spreadsheets MogulMind
Eliminates complex formulas
Beautiful charts & formatting
Eliminates clunky file saving and management
Cloud-based storage, available anywhere, on all your devices
Run multiple scenarios for a single property
Pre-filled data based on public records
Data automatically updates as market shifts
Provides property comps
Provides Zillow property and region data
Intelligently evaluates and scores your properties

The Complete Picture

MogulMind's property Portfolio provides aggregate data for all of the investment properties that you own, both flip and rental.


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