MogulMind is the best way to evaluate real-estate investments.

Goodbye, Spreadsheets

Laptops, tablets, smartphones… they have provided immeasurable advancements in our productivity. Recent trends in technology have shifted professional grade products towards consumer level usability in just about evey facet of our lives. Except…

Real-estate investors have been left out in the cold.

RE investors have been restricted to antiquated spreadsheets to evaluate and track investments. Spreadsheets are time consuming and frustrating for everyone. They are difficult to understand and setup, and a nightmare to maintain.

MogulMind provides all of the number crunching you get from a traditional spreadsheet, with no setup time. Better charts, graphs, and visualization. Centralized, cloud based storage and sharing. Intelligent investment evaluations. Autofill from accurate datasources. A rich experience for investors of any level.

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Works for Everyone

MogulMind caters to Investors and Agents.

MogulMind evaluates Flip and Rental properties.

Who we are

MogulMind is a small company based out of sunny San Diego, CA. We were founded on the idea that real-estate investing need not be so complicated for the beginning investor, and experienced investors should have the tools they require to react quickly and accurately.

Our team comprises successful real-estate investors and software developers.

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