Welcome to the MogulMind Blog!

Greetings, Internet! We are the core MogulMind team, comprising software and real-estate professionals, operate out of San Diego, California, where the sun is always shining, and the houses are always expensive (haha!). We have recently released v1 of our product to the public, and would like to introduce our product (and ourselves) to our users. This blog will be a place to share industry tips to become a better real-estate investor, as well as updates on our product features, and what the future holds for MogulMind.

MogulMind: Evaluate a Property

The aim of MogulMind is to evaluate, monitor, and optimize your real-estate investment portfolio. What does that mean? Well, imagine you’re thinking of purchasing an investment property, and you would like to determine how good (or bad) of an investment it will be. Traditionally, you would navigate to your trusty folder of spreadsheets, probably copy and paste an existing one, delete the information in it, and add details for the new property. Or maybe you’re so Excel savvy that you only have to insert a new row… Anyway, forget about those spreadsheets. MogulMind is here to help. Simply plug in the address, and we will take it from there. Breeze through our Property Wizard, providing a few details about your investment, and we will show you a ton of valuable data: Your projected ROI and property value at various points in time, monthly cash flow, IRR, Cash on Cash, CAP rate, repair/improvement costs breakdown, charts, graphs, and more. You can even run Alternate Scenarios, for a single property, allowing you to see how different investment paths will lead to different returns.

MogulMind explains complicated investment terms, and describes how we calculate values using your investment details.

If you don’t know what all those terms mean (IRR, Cash on Cash, etc), just click on them. MogulMind will give you a brief explanation, and show you how the value was calculated, using your actual investment details.

And that’s not all. MogulMind is also going to give you historical property information, comps, maps, photos, and Zestimate values…

MogulMind: Your Portfolio

MogulMind’s Portfolio view provides aggregate details of all the properties you own.

Awesome, right? I hope this is as exciting to you as it for us. We feel like we have a pretty solid product, and we have huge plans for the future of MogulMind (trust us, this is only the beginning). Having said that, your feedback and comments will not go unheard – we want this product to work for you. If we’re doing something wrong, we will fix it. If we are or missing key features, we want to build them. If MogulMind doesn’t work for you, we’re doing something wrong. So please just let us know!

MogulMind: The Team

MogulMind was conceived by Dustin Snell, entrepreneur and software professional.

Dustin reached out to Adam Kosecki, with whom Dustin had about a decade of professional development history. Adam is a professional web developer from Chicago, but has spent the majority of his professional life in just about every major city in California. He is a jack of all trades, full stack developer, designer, and jokester.

At this point, there was a missing piece to the puzzle: Real-estate professional, expert, and mastermind, Mike Haaland. 

With the founders together, they spent about a year-and-half on full-time product development and beta testing with a wide range of real estate professionals. That phase was a lot of work, and a lot of fun. Many iterations of ideas, and many tacos eaten. And now, although MogulMind is still young, it’s alive and being used by countless industry professionals, ranging from novices to moguls.

That’s it for now. We hope you give our blog a follow and stay tuned for tips, tricks, and updates.

Thanks, and happy investing,