Printing Improvements

Just a quick update from the MogulMind Development Team before the weekend: We have improved printability of investments and your portfolio. Use the print button from the investment’s drop-down menu (or hit Command/Ctrl+P, or File -> Print)…

…and your investment will now print without the visual clutter that is useless on a printout. Gone are buttons, the sidebar, and your personal investment portfolio information in the header. Background colors are gone, and text is appropriately colored for b&w/laser printers.


Of course, everything browser-based comes with some caveats. Every browser prints differently, and (for the most part), this is out of our control. Google Chrome prints everything as though it was printed from a narrow screen (like an iPad). Safari will render the print sizes based on your browser width (so it will print differently if your browser maximized than if it is sized to half your screen. Firefox is similar. For all browsers, we recommend you turn on “backgrounds,” “background colors,” and/or “background images” from the print dialog, if the options are there.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have provided us with feedback and patience as we implemented this request.

Have a great weekend, and happy investing,