If It’s Not A Deal, It’s Not A Deal

I’ve seen it over and over again. An investor falls in love with an investment property, the numbers don’t work and the seller won’t budge on price or go any lower but the investor has become attached to the idea of that property in their portfolio. Or maybe it’s because inventory is low and the investor is struggling to find their next project. Whatever the reason, don’t do it! Know when to walk away. This is where MogulMind comes to the rescue with its personalized advice on potential real estate investments. MogulMind will flat out tell you “this is not a good deal” and it will even explain why it’s not. Real estate investing is fun but not when you’re losing money. Buyers remorse is not fun. When it comes to your real estate investments, your decisions should be objective and data-driven, not based on emotion or instincts. MogulMind gives you the data. It is here to help you evaluate potential investment property purchases and make better investment decisions. It provides insight into real estate investments and helps to increase your ROI.

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MogulMind Picks Up Where The CMA Leaves Off

As real estate professionals, the CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is the foundation of our investment property research. However, it doesn’t paint the entire picture for an investment property. The purchase price is one thing, but the ROI is what you’re after. 

For most of us, determining the ROI means gathering property information, breaking out the spreadsheets and struggling with formulas. This process is time consuming and tedious to say the least. The excitement of finding a potential deal can easily get lost in the frustration of dealing with unnecessary complications.

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