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Frequently Asked Questions
Where does MogulMind get it's data from? Are these calculations accurate?
MogulMind's property-level data (value, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) is provided by Zillow. Beyond that, most of MogulMind's calculations are based off of information that you (the user) provide about your specific, unique investment scenario. Be conservative with your speculative purchase prices, renovation costs, etc. We then crunch the numbers using industry standard, time tested calculations for real-estate evaluations: Cash-on-Cash (CoC), Cap Rate, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and Return on Investment (ROI), and Appreciation.
What are the differences between Agent and Investor product tiers?
The Agent tier of MogulMind provides all of the advanced evaluation functionality provided in the Investor tier. It builds on these features by enabling agents to easily group, share, and organize evaluations for their clients. If you're an individual evaluating investment properties for yourself, pick the Investor tier. If you're evaluating properties for others, pick the Agent tier.

The Agent tier also allows for multiple users in your organization to access and modify the same property evaluations.
How much does it cost?
Free - except in a few cases:
1) Real Estate Investors with free accounts have a two property storage threshold. Investors needing to store evaluations for more than two properties can use MogulMind for as little as $7/mo.
2) Real Estate Agents (users evaluating properties for clients) get to try MogulMind is 100% free for 10 days. After that, the Agent tier costs as little as $39/mo.
Do I need Microsoft Excel?
Absolutely not. MogulMind is spreadsheet-free: all of our evaluations and calculations are done in the cloud, freeing you from the complexities and pains of using spreadsheets.

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