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“Nutritional Facts”
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At a glance, a flip seems simple: sell it for more than you paid for the purchase and renovations. In reality, there are a lot of numbers that contribute to your ROI: loan payments, points, and interest (often multiple loans), renovation costs, sale costs… you can’t manage all those numbers in your head. Not to mention, if you have multiple projects going on at once…

With MogulMind, the lifecycle of your flip is as easy to read as the nutritional facts on your favorite can of chili.

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Flip Facts

Hold Period: 6 months
Purchase & Improvements
Down Payment
Closing Costs
Holding/Loan Costs
Total Invested
Sale Price
Sale Costs
Loan Payoff
Net Sale Price
ROI: 66%
Total Profit: $213,189
For your flips, we help you with…
  • ROI
  • Current Value
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Renovations Analysis
  • Sale Analysis
  • ROI Advice
…and more!
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Flip Costs Breakdown

Flip investment visualization

Your total return will be $162.7K
That's an ROI of 60%

This property is a good investment.


Rating 2.0

MogulMind would budget about $81.3K for improvements, whereas you are budgeting $111.5K.


You're spending a lot to flip this property, 37% more than we'd expect. Review your improvements… are all of them necessary, and priced competitively?

Sale & Exit

Rating 4.25

MogulMind believes that this property could sell for $396.6K, after improvements. You are estimating that it will sell for $450K.


You might be setting your sights a bit high for this property, with a sale price 13% more than we'd expect. The Zestimate price for this property is $330K.

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