You need to market to investors differently than regular buyers. Show critical investment information to clients.

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Create and Share Glanceable, Browser-Based Investment-Property Evaluations

You find great investment opportunities, but traditional agent tools (such as the MLS) fail to convey investment potential. MogulMind allows you to create and distribute impressive, digestible, and branded investment property evaluations for flip, rental, and buy & hold scenarios. Your clients will thank you.

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Powerful Sharing Through Scenario Pools

MogulMind Scenario Pools allow you to group and share scenarios with one or more clients. Everything within MogulMind is browser-based, and adapts to whatever device your clients use.

Group properties for similar clients

Do you have a few investment scenarios in a hot zip code that you’ll share with a few of your clients? Create a pool for them.

Do you have a client for whom you’ve found many properties? Create a pool for them.

If you ever want to share multiple properties with one or more users, simply create a pool for them.

Image of properties email being sent to multiple users.

Share Properties with Buyers

At the touch of a button, share the property pool with your clients via email. Our emails are beautifully HTML formatted, and include your agent profile, as well as previews of all the investment scenarios in the pool.

Alternatively, you may share the property pool from a link.

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Agent Tier Pricing

For Agents (MogulMind users evaluating properties for other people): No credit card required to sign up; MogulMind is offered 100% free for 10 days. After 10 days, a paid subscription is required. MogulMind offers two pricing plans for Agents, as follows:

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$39 per month
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  • Card is charged $468, once a year
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Monthly Payments
$49 per month
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