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Investing isn't easy…

…but we can make it easier. Investors shouldn’t waste time and energy figuring out how to build spreadsheets, learning how to write complicated formulas, or managing files.

Is your investment any good? Evaluate a property now.
It took about 30 seconds to generate this rental evaluation with MogulMind:
Screenshot of MogulMind Rental Scenario
See how MogulMind Evaluates Flip and Rental Properties

Build and compare investment scenarios for any address

When evaluating an investment property, there’s more than one way to skin a cat (as they say). MogulMind makes it easy to build and compare multiple scenarios for a single property.

Screenshot of multiple scenarios in MogulMind
Screenshot of flip scenario comparison in MogulMind

Create Your Own Investment Scenarios Right Now

Cloud-Based Property Portfolio

No More Messy Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are disjointed, complicated, and require a deep knowledge of formulas to build and maintain. MogulMind was created so you get the most accurate information about your investment properties, with the added benefits of a cloud platform.

  Messy Spreadsheets MogulMind
Eliminates complex formulas
Beautiful charts & formatting
Eliminates clunky file saving and management
Cloud-based storage, available anywhere, on all your devices
Run multiple scenarios for a single property
Pre-filled data based on public records
Data automatically updates as market shifts
Provides property comps
Provides Zillow property and region data
Intelligently evaluates and scores your properties

The Complete Picture

MogulMind's property Portfolio provides aggregate data for all of the investment properties that you own, both flip and rental.

MogulMind is Free for Investors

Create an Evaluation or Sign up now to start evaluating investment properties for free. There’s no time limit or trial period. If you ever need to store more than two properties, you can upgrade to the Investor Pro Plan for just a few bucks a month.

Investor Pro: Yearly
$7 per month
  • Unlimited Property Storage
  • Downgrade back to free plan at any time
  • Card is charged $84, once a year
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Investor Pro: Monthly
$9 per month
  • Unlimited Property Storage
  • Downgrade back to free plan at any time
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