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Determining the cash flow or return on investment for a long term rental property isn't easy: You need to account for appreciation, rental income (sometimes for multiple units), rent price escalation/increases, loan payments, loan payoffs at the time of sale, closing costs… you can’t manage all those numbers in your head, and who wants to deal with spreadsheets?

With MogulMind, rental property cash flow and projections are as as easy to understand as the nutritional facts on your favorite box of cookies.

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Cash Flow Facts

Current Yearly Cash Flow: 1 unit rental property
Gross Rent Income
Vacancy Rate @ 0%
Gross Operating Income
Total Expenses
Cash Flow
Gross Operating Income
- Total Expenses
= Net Operating Income
- Mortgage Payments
Current Yearly Cash Flow: $26,584
For your rentals, we help you with…
  • IRR
  • Appreciation
  • ROI
  • Cash-on-Cash
  • CAP Rate
  • OER
  • Current Value
  • Cash Flow Advice
  • Sale Profit
  • Projections
…and more!
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Cash flow analysis, long term projections, and more!

Rental Income

1% Goal:
Rating 4.5

You are crushing Zillow's Rent Zestimate - Great Job!

Your monthly rental income is $700 below the 1% goal (to earn 1% of the purchase price, per month, via rent income).

Cash Flow

Rating 4.0

Awesome - You have a positive cash flow of $602/mo.


Hold through Apr, 2028, appreciating at 3%.

Rental property projections
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